Lending time-based media: 2005

Bruce Nauman Bruce Nauman: Make Me Think Me Installation view one

Bruce Nauman
Bruce Nauman: Make Me Think Me

Installation view Tate Liverpool exhibition 2006

© Tate 2006

The process diagram and documents for loans are guidelines and templates for owners to follow when borrowing and lending time-based media.

The documents include sample templates for exhibition budgets, condition reports, facilities reports, installation documents and loan agreements. They seek to update existing practice for more traditional art by incorporating new requirements of time-based media.

These resources should be used as reference documents when considering the loan of time-based media works of art and in conjunction with the process diagram.

The sample forms and other materials contained on this site are provided as examples only, and do not constitute legal advice. Before using these or any forms, you should consult with legal counsel to ensure that the document is properly tailored to your institution’s particular concerns.

It was beyond the scope of the project at this time to fully address the needs of computer-based art. It is however our aim to turn to this in the future.

Loan process diagram

A diagram showing the process for the loan of time-based media works of art

Loan process guidelines

An overview of the process for loaning a time-based media artwork

Budget guidelines

Assessing the budget costs for loaning time-based media artworks

Loan agreement guidelines

An outline of the contract between a borrower and a lender

Facilities report guidelines

Facilities report guidelines; part of the Tate, MoMA, SFMOMA research project, Matters in Media Art

Installation documentation guidelines

The installation documentation for time-based media works is agreed prior to a work being loaned.

Condition report guidelines

The aim of these guidelines is to extend existing condition reporting practices to include time-based media works of art.