Project team

Museum of Modern Art

  • Nancy Adelson, Associate General Counsel
  • John Alexander, Senior Assistant Registrar
  • Ramona Bannayan, Director Collection Management and Exhibition Registration
  • Sydney Briggs, Associate Registrar, Collections
  • Jim Coddington, Agnes Gund Chief Conservator
  • Corey D’Augustine, Conservation Fellow
  • Margo Delidow, Conservation Fellow
  • David Hollely, Production Manager, Exhibition Design & Production
  • Charlie Kalinowski, Media Services Manager, AV
  • Wynne Kettell, Registrar Intern
  • Barbara London, Associate Curator, Media
  • K Mita, Director, Audio Visual & e-Commerce Technology
  • Anne Morra, Assistant Curator, Department of Film and Media
  • Cara Starke, Curatorial Assistant, Media
  • Glenn Wharton, Conservator
  • Allyson Wolfe, Registrar Assistant

New Art Trust

  • Christopher Eamon, Director, New Art Trust on Matters in Media Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  • Michelle Barger, Deputy Head of Conservation/Conservator of Objects
  • Allison Cummings, Assistant Registrar for Permanent Collection
  • Steve Dye, Exhibitions Technical Manager
  • Marie-Chantale Poisson, Fellow in the Conservation of Contemporary Art
  • Gwynne Barney Ryan, Fellow in the Conservation of Contemporary Art
  • Jill Sterrett, Director of Collections and Conservation
  • Tanya Zimbardo, Assistant Curator in Media Arts


  • Bryony Bery, Sculpture Conservation Researcher/Administrator
  • Catherine Clement, Senior Loans Registrar
  • Stuart Comer, Curator
  • Katie Dance, E-Collection Curator
  • Sophie Dijan, Conservation Administration
  • Adrian George, Curator
  • Lisa Hayes, Loans Registrar
  • Sarah Joyce, Senior Conservator for Time-Based Media
  • Alice Keys-Toyer, Art Handling Administrator
  • Pip Laurenson, Head of Time-Based Media Conservation
  • Jon Lewis, Senior Conservation Technician for Time-Based Media
  • Gregor Muir, Kramlich Curator of Contemporary Art
  • Alex Musson, Web Developer
  • Anna Nesbit, AV Manager Art Handling
  • Kate Parsons, Head Registrar
  • Kellie Schneider, Conservation Administrator
  • Sarah Tinsley, Senior Digital Content Manager


  • George Gawlinski

In addition to the above participants this project called on the time and expertise of numerous colleagues around the world and within the participating institutions. We would particularly like to thank Dana Mitroff, Senior Web Manager, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Allegra Burnette, Creative Manager for Digital Media, Museum of Modern Art, New York, for their feedback and cooperation regarding the website. Finally we would like to thank Pam and Dick Kramlich and the Directors of the New Art Trust, whose commitment to time-based media works of art made this project possible.