Terms and Conditions

What this privacy policy covers

This Privacy Policy explains what we do with the information we collect through our apps for children. Tate cares about your privacy and aims to comply with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Personal information

We do not collect any personal information about the users of our apps.

Content produced on the app, such as drawings, photographs and recordings, are stored on your device only and are not accessible by us.

We do collect anonymous usage information, but this is not linked to the app user’s account and contains no personal information. We do this through Flurry Analytics, who hold information securely and do not share it. The only reason we collection usage information is to help improve the app in future updates.  Here’s an idea of what we collect:

  • Which device and operating system is used
  • Country of use
  • Crash reports
  • For how long and how often the app is used 
  • Popularity of features and pages 

Links from apps

Links within our apps for children are all set behind a parental gate, which aims to prevent children from following links out of an app to websites without the knowledge of their parent or guardian. The following links exist in our apps.  Tate and Aimer Media each have their own privacy policy available to view online.

Noisy Neighbours

Tate Kids Read & Play

  • Tate Kids – Tate’s online art destination for children 
  • Tate Apps – information about apps made by Tate 
  • Tate Publishing – information about products offered by Tate Publishing 
  • Aimer Media – information about the app’s developer
  • Aimer Media Support Email Address – contact details for support queries

Counting Birds

In-App Purchases

Noisy Neighbours and Counting Birds do not contain any in-app purchases.

Tate Kids Read & Play contains a link to purchase the full Noisy Neighbours and Counting Birds apps. These links are set behind a parental gate, which aims to prevent children from engaging in commerce without the knowledge of their parent or guardian.


Our apps do not contain any third party advertising.

Privacy Questions

If you have any questions about our app or our privacy policy, please contact apps@tate.org.uk