How Tate cares for the paintings in its collection

Donald Rodney, 'How the West was Won' 1982
Happiness is a toy gun

Can you help us replace a missing piece from Donald Rodney's How The West Was Won?

Conservation science

We investigate artists’ materials and techniques, and parts of the collection that are difficult to conserve

Conservation projects

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Sculpture conservators at Tate work with both traditional and unconventional materials


Our conservators care for artworks on paper, which are are easily damaged by handling, light or air pollution

Time-based media

Tate’s pioneering conservation work with film, audio, performance and other time-based artworks


Frames are both functional and decorative. Understanding their authenticity helps us appreciate their role in a painting's history

Support conservation at Tate

Help fund crucial conservation work of Millais’s The North-West Passage and ensure this magnificent work can be displayed in the best possible condition for November’s Artist and Empire exhibition at Tate Britain