Visitors investigating Ron Mueck Mask III 2005 in the artist's 2010 ARTIST-ROOMS exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery
Visitors investigating Ron Mueck Mask III 2005 in the artist's 2010 ARTIST ROOMS exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery

Tate is responsible for the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day and international modern and contemporary art. The collection is shown at Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London and at Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.

Tate collaborates with a wide range of galleries and museums to enable more people across the UK to enjoy the visual arts, to share the collection and to stimulate debate about art and ideas. Five linked strands of activity illustrate this:

  • Tate gallery sites
  • Loans: Tate lends extensively from the collection to other public institutions.
  • ARTIST ROOMS: a collection of international contemporary art intended as a national resource to be shared around museums and galleries throughout the UK.
  • Plus Tate: a network of visual arts organisations that share ideas, experiences, practices and programmes to increase public value and to broaden and deepen engagement in art.
  • Collaborative projects: sharing and exchanging expertise, knowledge and ideas with other UK galleries and museums, including strategic initiatives and collaborative projects such as touring exhibitions.

On Collaboration

In a series of essays, On Collaboration documents and reflects upon Tate’s national partnership programmes over the last seven years. It includes case studies about seven programmes with arts organisations and audiences across the UK from 2005 to the present:

  • Art in Yorkshire
  • Great British Art Debate
  • Plus Tate
  • The Tate Movie Project
  • Turner Prize 2011 at BALTIC
  • Visual Dialogues

The essays by Scott London, Becky Schutt and Colin Brown examine the aims and application of collaborative practice; the conditions and attitudes needed for successful collaboration; and its demands and rewards.

The purpose of the publication is to encourage discussion around partnership programmes and to explore how individuals and organisations can learn to become better collaborators.