mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art)
mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art)

Plus Tate aims to support the development of the visual arts across the UK, and to foster a climate where exchange and partnership can flourish.

Tate contributes its resources to a network of organisations and individuals for the benefit of the wider public. This expands Tate’s reach and increases public access to the national collection of British and international modern and contemporary art.

Joining together to exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and resources, as well as programmes and collections, the Plus Tate partners, along with and facilitated by Tate, broaden and deepen engagement in modern and contemporary art across the country.

The Plus Tate network, bringing eighteen cultural institutions together with Tate, provides a snapshot of this dynamic creative ecology. The research published in the following report reveals the huge regenerative and economic benefits of this group of organisations:

Plus Tate: Connecting art to people and places [PDF, 6 MB]


The partners share a common ambition: to inspire people about art. Each organisation, like Tate, is undergoing organisational development, often involving a capital project. All are committed to expanding participation in the visual arts and to collaboration and exchange with the network as a whole.

Plus Tate partners to date are:

Call for partners

Plus Tate is a network of visual arts organisations with a focus on contemporary art, committed to professional exchange and partnership.

Expressions of interest in joining the network are invited from cultural organisations and institutions, however large or small and wherever they are located in the UK.

Criteria and submission details

Exchanging knowledge

Plus Tate facilitates professional development initiatives, staff exchanges and the sharing of ideas and knowledge through all its programmes. There are two major projects:

Cultural leadership programme

An 18-month bespoke leadership and organisational development programme. Nine of the Plus Tate partners work with Tate St Ives to nurture existing and emerging leaders, and to explore new models of organisational structure and diversity of staff and audiences. The partners are:

Annual seminar

Plus Tate organises an annual seminar bringing together the visual arts sector from across the UK. In 2009 this focused on the cultural Olympics; in 2010 on Art Shorts.

Contact us

For more information on Plus Tate, email plustate@tate.org.uk or download the Plus Tate booklet [PDF, 7.5 MB].