Diagram showing Tate's Objectives for 2016-19

Tate’s Mission

Everything we do, from the programme we present in our galleries and with partners in Britain and around the world, to the books, products and food we sell in our shops and restaurants, supports our mission: to promote public understanding and enjoyment of British, modern and contemporary art. 

Tate’s Vision

In a short paper written in 2014, Tate Director Nicholas Serota set out the main factors that will guide Tate’s activities over the next decade. This is our vision for the next ten years.

Read Tate’s Vision for the next ten years [PDF, 22 Kb]

Tate’s Objectives

The objectives provide a set of common priorities for everyone across Tate, with the overarching aim of achieving the vision: championing art and its value to society. The objectives were developed and agreed with Trustees in response to staff feedback from a series of workshops about the vision held in 2014. 

Each of the objectives is equally important – and they are inter-related. We cannot achieve one without the others and every person who works or volunteers at Tate plays a role in delivering them.

The Tate Plan

The Tate Plan is a summary of the activities that will be delivered each year in order to achieve our Tate-wide objectives. It provides an overview of the priorities for each area across Tate.

Read more about Tate’s Vision and Plan for 2016–19 [PDF, 595Kb]