Attendees at the March 2009 Bring The Noise event, in front of John Martin The Great Day of His Wrath 1851–3
Attendees at the March 2009 Bring The Noise event, in front of John Martin The Great Day of His Wrath 1851–3

Over 7 million people visit Tate’s galleries each year. Taking into account partnership programmes, loans, tours and digital activities, our impact is even wider.

Visitor experience

An important part of our role is to lead audiences in thought-provoking and challenging ways. Knowing about the motivations and needs of our visitors means we can tailor our buildings, interpretation and programmes to improve visitors’ experiences. We want to ensure that every aspect of their visit enhances their encounter with art.  


The idea of learning is vital to Tate’s mission. Over the past years, we have made progress in making it a part of how we work across Tate, but there is more to do. In the coming period, we will ensure that learning is integrated at the earliest stages of the development of our programme. 

National partnerships

Tate has been pioneering in establishing regional galleries with distinct identities, rooted in local communities. More recently we have developed ways of sharing and making greater use of our resources through partnerships with other organisations. 

Between now and 2015 we will sustain and strengthen the Plus Tate network, which includes 18 galleries and organisations across the UK

 International partnerships

The world is increasingly multi-faceted and interconnected. Art centres around the world have been revitalised and new ones have emerged: there is faith in the power of art and culture to regenerate cities and assert national and regional identities. We are using significant developments in the collection to conceive touring exhibitions with international partners, to develop curatorial expertise and exchange programmes,to expand institutional relationships and personal networks, and as the basis for online programmes. 

Media and mass reach

A diversity of viewpoints is integral to the concept of the public realm. Today more than ever the museum is a place where ideas, experiences and opinions are exchanged. There will always be a role for the expert, but the evolution of communications technologies offers unrivalled opportunities for people to contribute from their own personal perspective.