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Building upon the legacy of the St Ives artist colony in Cornwall, the Centre at Tate St Ives aims to encourage research into the origins, activities and future of creative communities in Britain and internationally.

The principal focus will be visual arts practice, but the Centre also seeks to investigate other types of creative practitioners, including writers, musicians and educators. Themes include artist colonies and contemporary residency programmes, as well as networked and nomadic communities. The Centre will bring together researchers from many subject areas to further academic, practice-based and action research in this field. Key research strands include the:

  • the history of the artist colony, in Cornwall and beyond, as a national and international phenomenon from the nineteenth century to the present day
  • the nature of contemporary artist communities, with a focus upon residencies at Tate St Ives, and comparative studies with national and international partners
  • the role of art institutions in relation to creativity in communities.

The Centre will host a series of workshops and seminar events, leading to conferences and publications. Its programme will involve collaboration with regional universities and partners, as well as the participation of institutions and individual scholars from all parts of the United Kingdom and abroad.

Starting in spring 2015, the Centre aims to host a trio of annual symposia exploring the landscape of residency programmes, moving from the South West in the first year, to the UK in 2016, to a concluding event around international residencies in 2017.


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For further information, please contact the Centre’s convenor, Sam Thorne, Artistic Director, Tate St Ives
Email: sam.thorne@tate.org.uk