scene from Fase: Four movements to the Music of Steve Reich 1982, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Fase: Four movements to the Music of Steve Reich 1982

Tate Modern, The Tanks
18 – 20 July 2012
Admission free for daytime performances
Tickets £15 (£12 concessions) for evening performances
For public information and tickets please print or 020 7887 8888

One of the most important choreographers of the late 20th century, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has collaborated with Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens to adapt herwidely acclaimed 1982 performance, Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, for The Tanks at Tate Modern.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Tale Dolven will perform parts of Fase at intervals throughout the day from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 July. All four parts of Fase will be performed together on the evenings of Thursday 19 and Friday 20 July in the complete hour-long performance. Ann Veronica Janssens has worked with De Keersmaeker to create the lighting design for the piece.

Fase, an hour-long minimalist dance performed by De Keersmaeker and a partner, is considered to be the starting point of the contemporary dance movement that developed in Flanders during the 1980s. In her choreography, De Keersmaeker explores the relationship between music and dance and aims to articulate the basic principles of the musical composition rather than allowing the dance to simply illustrate the music.

On 20 July, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will be in-conversation in The Tanks with performance theorist and musicologist Bojana Cvejić and Jonathan Burrows to mark the launch of a new publication A Choreographer’s Score: Fase, Rosas danst Rosas, Elena’s Aria, Bartók. The event will be introduced by Chris Dercon, Director of Tate Modern and include a performance of another of De Keersmaeker’s well known works, Rosas danst Rosas. The publication offers an insight into De Keersmaeker’s choreography and into the making of four of her early works through interviews, drawings, schemes, photos, working notes, post-performance documents and four DVDs.

Short daytime performances (each lasting 15 to 20 minutes)

Admission free, no need to book
Wednesday 18 July, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00
Thursday 19 July, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00
Friday 20 July, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00

A Choreographer’s Score with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Bojana Cvejić, Chris Dercon

Admission free, no need to book
Friday 20 July, 16.00

Ticketed evening performances

£15 (£12 concessions), booking recommended
Thursday 19 July, 20.30 – 21.30
Friday 20 July, 20.30 – 21.30

A Choreographer’s Score: Fase, Rosas danst Rosas, Elena’s Aria, Bartók, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Bojana Cvejić

Published by Rosas and Mercatorfonds, May 2012
256 pages, soft cover; 4 DVDs
ISBN 978 90 6153 541 6

Notes to Editor

Performance credits: Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve ReichChoreography: Anne Teresa De KeersmaekerDanced by: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Tale DolvenCreated with: Michèle Anne De Mey (Piano Phase, Clapping Music), Jennifer Everhard (Come Out)Music: Steve Reich ­- Piano Phase 1967, Come Out 1966, Violin Phase 1967, Clapping Music 1972Lighting design: Remon Fromont (Piano Phase & Clapping Music); Mark Schwentner (Violin Phase & Come Out)Adaptation for Tate: Ann Veronica JanssensCostumes: 1981 Martine André / Anne Teresa De KeersmaekerArtistic director: Anne Van AerschotTechnical Coordination: Joris ErvenTechnicians: Wannes De Rydt, Michael SmetsWorld Premiere: 18 March 1982, Beursschouwburg,BrusselsProduction 1982: Schaamte vzw, Brussels / Avila vzw, BrusselsCo-production early works: Sadler's Wells, London / Les Théâtres de la Ville de LuxembourgRunning time: 1:10


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