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  1. Press release
    12 November 2007

    Arty gifts: Visiting Tate Liverpool this winter? Why not stop off at the Tate Liverpool shop to do your Christmas shopping and give a gift that is...

  2. Press release
    5 November 2007

    Tate Britain  Room 85 November 2007 – 22 June 2008 William Blake was born in London on 28 November 1757 and Tate Britain celebrates the 250th...

  3. Press release
    29 October 2007

    The National Gallery and Tate jointly announced today one of the most significant bequests of paintings ever to the nation. The collector, Simon...

  4. Press release
    24 October 2007

    Tate Modern  Level 424 October 2007 – 1 January 2008 The World as a Stage explores the rich historical relationship between visual art and...

  5. Press release
    21 October 2007

    On the last Thursday of every month Tate Liverpool opens late for special events, music, food, drink and of course the best modern and...

  6. Press release
    21 October 2007

    Forget the glamour and the hype of the real Turner Prize, Young Tate members have been working on their own Alternative Turner Prize – a unique...

  7. Press release
    18 October 2007

    Tate Liverpool  Fourth floor galleries19 October 2007 – 13 January 2008 The Turner Prize 2007 exhibition opens on 19 October at Tate...

  8. Press release
    10 October 2007

    The following works have been acquired as gifts to the Tate Collection thanks to the £150,000 Outset/Frieze Art Fair Fund to benefit the Tate...

  9. Press release
    9 October 2007

    Tate Modern9 October 2007 – 6 April 2008 Tate Modern today unveils the latest commission in The Unilever Series. Shibboleth, by Doris Salcedo, is...

  10. Press release
    7 October 2007

    Capital of Culture cabbies take contemporary art to their passengers: two drivers of Liverpool hackney cabs, armed with an invigorated knowledge...

Showing 11-20 of 83 results