Circuit is a four year national programme connecting 15–25 year olds to the arts in galleries and museums working in partnership with the youth and cultural sector. Led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, it provides opportunities for young people to steer their own learning and create cultural activity across art disciplines.

Circuit Young Evaluators
Circuit Young Evaluators

Circuit involves Tate Modern and Tate Britain; Tate Liverpool; Tate St Ives and partners from the Plus Tate network: firstsite, Colchester; MOSTYN, Llandudno; Nottingham Contemporary;  Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; and Wysing Arts Centre and Kettle’s Yard, Cambridgeshire.

Circuit is a high visibility programme designed as a catalyst for change. The core values and aims underpin all strategy, planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation. They were developed in collaboration with the partner galleries, led by the Circuit National Evaluation Team.

Circuit Core Values

  • Making a positive difference
  • Young people’s ownership, agency and authenticity
  • Social, cultural and creative diversity

Circuit Core Aims

  • To make a positive difference with and for young people
  • To improve access and opportunities for harder to reach young people through extending and developing sustainable networks between the arts and youth sector
  • To develop and change practice within and across cultural organisations
  • To change attitudes and behaviours towards and about young people

Browse the slideshow below to see images of activities programmed by and for young people across Circuit partner galleries:

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  • Circuit, Gaps Pop Up Shop – Wysing Arts Centre and Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
    Gaps Pop Up Shop – Wysing Arts Centre and Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
  • All Styles Dance Battle – Firstsite, Colchester
    All Styles Dance Battle – Firstsite, Colchester
  • Circuit: Late at Tate – Tate Britain, London
    Late at Tate – Tate Britain, London
  • Circuit: Gallery 1 exhibition – MOSTYN, Llandudno, Wales
    Gallery 1 exhibition – MOSTYN, Llandudno, Wales
  • Circuit: Creative Selfie – Nottingham Contemporary
    Creative Selfie – Nottingham Contemporary
  • Circuit: Whitworth Reopening – Whitworth, Manchester
    Whitworth Reopening – Whitworth, Manchester
  • Circuit: Young@Tate – Tate St Ives
    Young@Tate – Tate St Ives

Offering young people the opportunity to develop their own creativity through Circuit will make a vital contribution to the cultural health and wealth of Manchester.
Maria Balshaw, Director, the Whitworth, Manchester

Being able to work with young people, and assist them with their creative futures, and just being around more creative people, has made me appreciate what it is to be an artist
Liam, Circuit Digital Creative, Firstsite, Colchester

I can’t believe the change in my son Louis since he joined Circuit. He loves art, drawing and has a fantastic imagination. He also has Autism and suffers from social anxiety. Over time he has begun to feel part of the group and recognise that as well as benefitting greatly from going he has something to bring to it too. He enjoys every minute.
Louis’ mum, MOSTYN, Llandudno, Wales

The program is the only chance I’ve had, outside of education, to network with other likeminded people and put my creative skills to use.
Jas, Collabor8, Nottingham Contemporary 

I’ve learnt important skills such as generating and communicating ideas, working effectively in a team, programming events and delivering workshops. It’s exciting to work within a team who all value the importance of breaking down barriers for young people and empowering young people’s voices.
Jessye, Tate Collective London

The Circuit internship has been very rewarding, giving me an all rounded experience of what it is like to work with people and for people. Personally I feel more confident and responsible.
Livius, Kettles Yard and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

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