And the winner is…

The Workers receive a £10,000 prize and a £60,000 development budget to turn their project - After Dark - into a reality at Tate Britain in summer 2014.

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The 2014 competition

An expert jury shortlisted four ideas, ranging from robots roaming the galleries, to an interactive video, stories told via social media, and an art experience in the online world of Minecraft. Alongside the six jurors, we invited the public to cast the seventh vote.

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After Dark

The Workers (Tommaso Lanza, Ross Cairns and David Di Duca)

Ther Workers propose an online experience that will allow people all over the world to explore Tate Britain at night. Connecting to a website, users will be able to control robots situated in the galleries, steering them around as they gaze up-close at the art on display, and broadcasting their adventure and live commentary to the world. 

The Workers is a digital product design studio founded in 2011 by Tommaso Lanza and Ross Cairns after leaving the Royal College of Art.

The studio has since produced work for leading creative agencies (Bibliothéque Design, Jason Bruges, APFEL), public institutions like the London Olympics, Tate Modern and the Berlin Natural History Museum and private clients on a growing number of projects.

Their work spans across a multitude of disciplines, from product design to web through native applications for iOS as well as bespoke visual applications for exhibitions and interactive installations.

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About the other shortlisted candidates


Adam Clarke,

Adam wants to create an interactive Minecraft world that takes the player on a journey of discovery through British art. Enlisting the skills of an international group of Minecraft map makers, Adam proposes to create a cultural adventure, allowing you to step into the artworks and experience them from a unique perspective, encouraging you to explore, ask questions, turn corners, open doors, solve puzzles, understand and be inspired.

Adam is a freelance artist and forefront creator within the online Minecraft community. In 2012, he was amongst the winners of the Geovation Award for an ambitious environmental project for using Minecraft, and worked with archeologists and curators on the Tullie House Museums At Night project featuring his online Minecraft map of Hadrian’s Wall. He also hosts a popular Game School YouTube Channel programme 101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners.

Adam co-runs The Invisible Orchard, a family based arts studio and digital atelier in rural Cumbria, offering events and courses including Minecraft and coding.

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Storythings (Matt Locke and Kim Plowright)

Storythings noticed that curators’ explanatory texts are no longer used at Tate Britain, and started thinking about what other kinds of alternative stories could exist about the artworks, and how these stories would be written and shared around the social web. Their idea – #TateText – involves circulating specially commissioned stories from contemporary writers interlaced with interesting facts and anecdotes from Tate’s archive around different digital platforms, tracing their journeys and the conversations that build up around them.

Storythings was founded as a studio in 2011, specialising in how to make and distribute culture in an age of digital attention.

Matt has worked for over 15 years commissioning and producing digital projects in the arts sector and at the BBC (as Head of Innovation) and Channel 4 (as commissioning editor, Education and then Head of Multiplatform commissioning). He started Storythings in Spring 2011.

Kim has been producing digital projects for 15 years, including 8 years at the BBC and more recently as a freelancer for clients including the Royal Opera House, Channel 4,, Six To Start, Hide&Seek, The Photographers Gallery and Somethin’ Else.

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Through the Eyes of an Eight-Year-Old

Evan Boehm with Nexus Productions

Evan proposes to build an animated, interactive web experience that explores Tate’s collection of British art through the beautifully imaginative mind of an eight-year-old boy.

Evan Boehm is an award winning director and coder, with a background in computer engineering and 3D graphics. His work spans animated films, open source music videos, interactive web films and digital installations, and is linked by his interest in narrative structures and character interaction.

Nexus is an independent production company and animation studio, with a worldwide reputation for creative and accomplished home-grown design and transmedia story-telling.

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