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Jemima Kiss Portrait IK Prize 2013
Jemima Kiss

Jemima Kiss

Jemima Kiss is head of technology editorial at the Guardian. She joined the Guardian in 2006 and now leads the team covering big tech businesses, startups and consumer technology trends. She is a permanent fixture on the Tech Weekly podcast and sits on the British Journalism Review editorial board. A proud graduate of Dartington College of Arts, Jemima has covered technology and media online since 2002. So if the internet dies, everything she has ever done goes up in smoke.

Mark Leckey portrait; colour photograph
Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey is a British artist, working with collage art, music and video. His found art and found footage pieces span several videos, most notably Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore and Industrial Lights and Magic, for which he won the 2008 Turner Prize. He also creates ‘immersion’ pieces that offer aural and visual stimuli to the audience, such as his work Sound System 2002.

John Porter, The Porter Foundation

Marc Sands portrait
Marc Sands

Marc Sands

Marc Sands, Director of Audiences and Media at Tate, is responsible for developing the brand across online, broadcast and social media to strengthen Tate’s relationships with audiences and build social networks for the organisation. He leads the teams behind Tate Etc. magazine and the online video magazine TateShots, as well as press, public relations, marketing, membership and ticket sales. He was previously on the board at Guardian News & Media as Marketing Director of The Guardian, The Observer and their websites (2000–10).

Tom Uglow portrait photograph
Tom Uglow

Tom Uglow

 Tom Uglow has worked at Google for nearly eight years. He started Google’s Creative Lab in Europe and now works in Sydney, Australia on experimental projects that help connect people and use Google, Android and YouTube in creative ways. Previous projects include Hangouts in History, Dream40 with the RSC, buildwithchrome.com, Web Lab, Life in a Day, and the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Most of his projects are collaborations with charities, agencies and cultural organisations around the world that help artists and creators explore new forms of creative practice using digital tools.

Jimmy Wales portrait
Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia.org, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and today Wikipedia and its sister projects are among the top-five most visited sites on the web. In 2004, Wales co-founded Wikia.com, a completely separate company that enables groups of people to share information and opinions that fall outside the scope of an encyclopedia. In 2007, The World Economic Forum recognised Wales as one of the ‘Young Global Leaders’. In addition, Wales received the ‘Time 100 Award’ in 2006, as he was named one of the world’s most influential people in the ‘Scientists & Thinkers’ category.