The categories listed below give some indication of the likely costs to be considered. The aim of this section is to identify the true costs of loan for the borrower and the lender. A sample template is provided as an Excel download.

In most cases the borrower will bear the transport, installation and maintenance costs associated with the loan. However, some costs may be associated with the preparation of the work of art for loan. For example there may be conservation costs, servicing costs associated with any equipment to be lent, or costs of the production of new exhibition format material. The lender will wish to identify these costs and either negotiate with the borrower over contributing to these costs as a condition of loan or agree to meet them themselves.

The earlier in the process costs can be identified, the greater the likelihood of the successful completion of the loan. The budget template aims to provide useful prompts and we encourage users to copy and modify it. As discussions and negotiations regarding the loan progress it will be possible to add more detail to the budget. Every loan situation is unique and you may find that the budget is finalised earlier or later in the process than shown in the process diagram.


Explore, compile and review

  • Artist/curator/consultant travel and expenses
  • Installation documentation and materials (FedEx / photocopying / catalogues bought for research)


Costs associated with shipping are usually met by the borrower, however it is important that both parties consider this section as there may also be costs to the lender in the preparation of the work.

  • Loan, licensing and reproduction fees
  • Production of exhibition format material (consult with owner)
  • Special conservation (consult with conservators)
  • Equipment servicing. Was the equipment serviced at the end of the last display and has it been maintained? (consult with [AV] installation manager)
  • Art courier travel and expenses (consult with registrars)
  • Packing materials (consult with registrars)
  • Art transport (consult with registrars)


  • Artist’s fees and expenses
  • Consultants/technicians’ fees and expenses
  • Installation and construction
  • Maintenance while on display (consult with [AV] installation manager)
  • Acoustic materials and installation (consult with [AV] installation manager)
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Display equipment – purchased/hired (consult with [AV] installation manager)
  • Display equipment – consumables (lamps, filters) (consult with [AV] installation manager). The borrower would usually cover the cost of lamps and filters and other consumables required for the display.
  • Furniture: plinths/vitrines
  • Graphics
  • Documentation and photograph


  • Equipment servicing/depreciation fee (consult with [AV] installation manager). If a lender is providing equipment as part of the loan they may charge a depreciation fee.
  • Packing materials (consult with registrars)
  • Art transport (consult with registrars)
  • Art courier travel and expenses (consult with registrars)


  • Complimentary tickets/publications for lenders
  • Miscellaneous/contingency