A facilities report outlines an institution’s facilities, climate, security, staffing, insurance and loan history. Examples of standard facilities reports are to be found on the websites of the registrars groups listed in the External resources section. Most institutions have a completed report on file which has been verified by a registrar.

The purpose of this document is to assure a lender that the borrower has a history of professional and responsible care of museum artefacts. It is often required by a lender in the early stages of a loan request to determine if the borrower’s facilities are appropriate. Further dialogue may then be initiated between the lending and borrowing institutions to discuss the specific needs of a particular artwork. 

The installation and maintenance of time-based media works of art requires specific skills and expertise, we are therefore suggesting that it might be useful to attach an addendum to the standard facilities report asking questions specific to time-based media works. The purpose of these guidelines is to gauge the suitability and level of expertise of the borrowing institution with regard to the specific needs of time-based media works.

Handling and installation

  • Do you have specially trained staff to handle and install time-based media art?
  • If yes, how many? Please specify the type of audio visual (AV) training this staff have received and their level of experience.
  • If there are no permanent staff in place who normally handle and install time-based media, who will be responsible for this work?
  • Who will supervise?
  • Who will carry out maintenance and monitor the condition of the artwork whilst on display?
  • Do you have staff experienced in condition reporting time-based media?
  • If yes, who completes these reports and what is their experience?

Structural and electrical information

  • Please provide architectural plans (including elevations) for the exhibition space in which the artwork will be installed.
  • Do you have the ability to completely darken and/or soundproof the exhibition space?
  • Is there a dedicated electrical supply for this artwork in the exhibition space?
  • What is the voltage of this electrical supply?
  • How many amps are available per circuit?
  • Is this electrical supply surge-protected?
  • Will a qualified electrician be available to consult/install the electrical supply?