• Lucy Harrison Photograph for Tate Modern and You community project 2011
    Alfie from Pembroke House Youth Club, Tate Modern and You 2011

Artist Lucy Harrison is working in partnership Pembroke House over a 6 month period on an extended Tate Local project with the aim of producing the next edition of Tate Modern and You. Pembroke House is a long standing community centre that houses numerous community groups serving people in the Walworth area in Southwark. Through a series of conversations, creative exploration and walks she has nurtured strong relationships with a number of different residents and groups exploring how people experience and describe familiar places.

Her work is often geographically rooted and often looks at sites which are in the midst of change. Her work takes the form of photographs, bookworks, video and other forms of printed and published material. In order to present an alternative view of a location, her projects often engage with the public through collaboration and exchange with residents exploring where they live and work.