• Visitors watch a projected screen of a lorry windscreen
    Late at Tate C~C curated by Oliver Sutherland and Bryony Gillard, 2015

As part of the Artists Programme, artists Bryony Gillard and Oliver Sutherland developed C~C, a new cross-disciplinary project utilising Late at Tate St Ives (Friday 24 April 2015) as a platform to present performance, artworks, research material and music from a number of contributors including artists, theorists and musicians. 

C~C explored the coincidental, tangential, formal and informal similarities and links between the Cornish Coast and Pacific Coast (California) as sites for the production of art. A series of artworks and performances were presented throughout the gallery, overlaying The Modern Lens exhibition and intervening into the fabric of Tate St Ives. 

Contributors included:

For further information about the artwork included along with a text written by Gillard and Sutherland, download the map. PDF, 3.3 Mb]


Bryony Gillard (born 1984) works across a wide range of media including writing, performance, installation and music. She studied at the University of East London, Docklands (2003–2006) and at the The Dutch Art Institute – School for Art Praxis, Netherlands (2013–2015). 

Oliver Sutherland (born 1985) utilises new technologies to examine the languages of digital culture and the materiality of digital processes. He is currently undertaking a Collaborate Doctoral study within Digital Games, as part of the 3D3 Consortium.

Special event
Friday 24 April 2015,