Tate St Ives Super Sunday; two people dancing in gallery space
Super Sunday

The capital work will deliver a greatly improved experience of visiting St Ives, and will enable Tate St Ives to improve the quality and impact of its learning programmes. The new facilities and extended galleries will enable significant opportunities for learning and engagement with, and active participation in the heritage of the St Ives Modernists, as well as international modern and contemporary art and better access to the Tate collection.

Learning and participation will be delivered both in the gallery and beyond its walls, while new opportunities for volunteering and training will also be provided. Newly created learning spaces and interpretative resources will offer visitors ample opportunities for learning and engagement, while two new outreach projects will engage local communities in St Ives and wider audiences across Cornwall with the rich and complex context which is the legacy of the artist colony in St Ives, of which Tate St Ives is intrinsically part.

The project will offer new learning opportunities through:

  • In-gallery programmes
  • Outreach
  • Volunteering
  • Training and skills development