May 2017

We are now in the final stages of the project and we have announced the opening date of the new Tate St Ives.

The new Tate St Ives opens on Saturday 14 October. The new exhibition spaces will host British sculptor Rebecca Warren’s first UK solo show.

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December 2016


Tate St Ives opens the original gallery on 31 March 2017 with a new exhibition, The Studio and the Sea.

We look forward to unveiling the new Tate St Ives in Autumn 2017.

October 2016

Tate St Ives Project: Updates Roof beams

Throughout October there has been great progress on the new multi-purpose room on top of the existing gallery. As you can see in the picture, the roof beams have been put into place. They will support a conical roof, tiled with Cornish slate from Delabole.

The new gallery is heading towards becoming water tight. Currently, a system for controlling the gallery’s environmental conditions is being fitted. Several systems will moderate temperature, sunlight and moisture to ensure that artworks are in good condition when on display.

September 2016

This month’s film is a progress update on the Tate St Ives Project. With the main concrete pouring finished, the shell of the building is now complete.

August 2016

HLF funding and the project

The Tate St Ives Project is partially funded by Heritage Lottery funding. Our curators explain how HLF funding has benefited the local community and will help visitors to Tate St Ives engage in the legacy of the St Ives artists.

April 2016

Programme Manager of the Tate St Ives Project, Andy Bruton, explains what is happening on site at the moment.

March 2016

After careful consideration we have decided to continue the building work through 2016 and we will reopen the refurbished Tate St Ives in March 2017.

Refurbishing the existing Tate St Ives building has proved more complex than anticipated and we will continue work on the new galleries and building over summer.

The closure will allow for the completion of the Courtyard and Terrace Room, meaning all the work in the existing building will be finished.

When the gallery opens to the public, we will be able to give our visitors the best possible experience. The planned exhibition season for summer 2016, The Studio and The Sea, will open on Friday 31 March 2017.

The fully completed new Tate St Ives, encompassing the existing building and the extension, will open in autumn 2017. 

Listen to some of our project team explain how the project is progressing and how the new Tate St Ives will improve the gallery for everyone.

December 2015

In December, the building site will be closed for Christmas from 18.00 Wednesday 23 December until restarting on 4 January

New Images for the Tate St Ives Project

Tate St Ives project – view of the building as seen from above when finished in 2017
View from above of Tate St Ives as it will look in 2017

The landscaped roof garden is on top of the new gallery with six concrete roof-lights flooding the space beneath with sunlight. The new walkway over the top of the gallery will have views of the ocean.

The tall pavilion building will contain new art handling and storage facilities and the exterior will be wrapped in ceramic tiles, coloured to reflect the surrounding blue-green landscape of sea and hills. The cone shaped room on top of the original building is the upper studio of the new learning suite. There is another learning and activities space directly below it. 

Tate St Ives extension ‘roof off’ technical drawing
This ‘roof off’ image shows the gallery level of both the original building and the new one

In the original building, our smaller galleries lead into the vast new exhibition space. In the new gallery, there will be a flexible layout, either six smaller spaces, one large room or anything in between.

November 2015

During November, the interior of Tate St Ives has been transformed with some major demolition work. On the extension site, the new gallery is becoming more and more apparent as the concrete walls continue to go up.

October 2015

Now Tate St Ives is closed, the gallery is in the hands of our contactors, BAM and works inside the building have commenced. The extension now has ground floor walls and concrete pouring continues as the shell of the building is formed.

Temporary Winter Closure

Tate St Ives is closed until Saturday 21 May 2016 for major structural work inside the gallery. Updates and films will be posted here.

August 2015

Concrete has been poured to form the base of the new building and structures are being put in which will create the concrete walls. Recently, we have started recording activity on site through a time lapse camera to show day by day progress. Clips from these can be seen in our upcoming update films.

July 2015

July has been a productive month. The building site has been busy and running smoothly.

In the gallery this last month, families have been the focus of Our Art in Motion, a selection of works created and selected by the Super Sunday,Toddle Tate and Art Base families. The exhibition took place in the Courtyard, where refurbishment as part of the Tate St Ives Project is set to take place from October this year. Plenty of family activities continue through August, including Beach Art Explorers.

June 2015

In June, a self-erect crane was brought to the building site in order to move materials easily and prevent potential road closures. This impressive crane was itself lifted in by an even larger 200 tonne crane.

The site is now prepared for the next stage. Reinforced bar mesh will be moved into position, when filled with concrete, it will become the floor of the new gallery. The concrete wall structures then begin to appear.

The existing building also has new learning facilities planned as part of the Tate St Ives project. The new and refurbished spaces on the roof terrace and courtyard are designed by Evans and Shalev. Work commences on these spaces from October 2015.

May 2015

During May, the Tate St Ives Contractors, BAM, have been preparing for the next stage of construction. With the foundation pads complete, a concrete slab will be poured in June which will allow for the upwards construction of the new gallery. Work on site will now be ongoing until 2017.

For lifting materials in and around the site, a self-erecting crane will arrive in June. The crane stands taller than the gallery and the arm of the crane can extend up to 30 metres.

From the beginning of June and throughout this period of major construction, the lower Barnoon car park will be closed to the public during the week, so BAM can manage deliveries and work vehicles. Public parking will be available in the lower Barnoon car park after 17.30 on Fridays until Sunday night.

April 2015

The Tate St Ives Project is about to enter an exciting period of works. After months of excavation to remove rock and earth from the site, foundation level was reached a short while ago.

After an interlude of quiet whilst the team prepared for the first stage of construction, work has commenced on the foundation pads. These will become one of the main supports for the new gallery, fixing the concrete foundation slab in place. This is the first of many exciting progressions in the new build and the gallery will gradually materialise over the months to come.

March 2015

In the existing gallery building, structural work will be undertaken from early October 2015 for the construction of the new Learning Suite in the Courtyard and Café Terrace. This will involve major demolition and construction works and this work will take place over the winter and spring months. The gallery will temporarily close after the summer show in 2015 and reopen for the summer season 2016. The Tate St Ives project will be completed in 2017.

Throughout this period of major construction, Tate St Ives will continue to promote the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden and the gallery’s activities. The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden will remain open throughout the period and, we will maintain a Visitor Centre. Tate St Ives staff will work at these venues.

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