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  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 1
    Between, Phoebe Cummings
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 2
    Exhibition of Space- Containment of soul and philosophy, Seoul, Korea , Let's Art Children's Art Center
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 3
    Jenny's response to the sunflower seeds- knitted seed, BAEC and CALAT
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 4
    Freedom (Ai Weiwei), CIEP 441 - Mané Garrincha
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 5
    Made in China- Homage to Ai Wei Wei 'Sunflower Seeds', Manoj Pandey
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 6
    Money seeds, Riverside School
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 7
    Movements Blueprint 08, Marysa Dowling
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 8
    Seed, Escola Secundária Emídio Navarro
  • TG Online Gallery Cultivate 9
    Seeds, Escola Secundária Emídio Navarro


This third show paid homage to Ai Weiwei’s Unilever Series commission Sunflower Seeds, millions of small individually hand crafted porcelain works. Weiwei invited the viewer to look again at the ‘Made in China’ phenomenon and the geo-politics of cultural and economic exchange today. Weiwei has united people and drawn attention to the global significance of free creative expression.

Cultivate focused on the international responses to Ai Weiwei’s practise, combining traditional materials and techniques of making with political assertion. Themes around multiples, capitalism, tradition and free speech are all apparent in this exhibition.

The show brings together a collection of works from:

Phoebe Cummings, UK
Marysa Dowling, UK
Escola Secundária Emídio Navarro, Portugal
Riversdale school, UK
CIEP 441 - Mané Garrincha, Brazil
Manoj Pandey, India
Lets Art Childrens Center, Korea