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  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 5
    Maneres de veure-Ways of Seeing, INS Rubió i Ors
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 2
    EU carta, Instituto Inhotim
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 7
    Perspectives, Public Programs Marco
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 8
    Sahdamar, Erenkoy Isik Lisesi
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 6
    Shadow 3, Mount Lawley Senior High School
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 4
    Lettera O, I.I.S- M.Guggenheim Nuovo Liceo Artistico di Venezia e Mestre
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 9
    String Experiment, Worlds Together UK, Tate Modern
  • TG Online Gallery Reflecting 1
    Así somos. Retratos distorsionados (This is the way we are. Distorted portraits), Presbitero Alberti
  • TG Online Gallery Reflection 3
    Hertford Water Self Portraits, Marysa Dowling small

Reflecting Reflections

Turbinegeneration’s fifth exhibition presented art work by students, artists and galleries across the world exploring and experimenting with the phenomenon of reflection.

Works included explored portraiture and identity using elements in nature as a medium to create an image, sculptural actions and the ‘mirror’ and mirroring in compositions.

This show brought together a selection of works from:

Program for art teachers in Tijuana through the museum MARCO, Mexico
Presbitero Alberti, Argentina
To Be Continued, UK
A Sentence from Brazil, Inhotim, Brazil
Erenkoy Isik Lisesi , Turkey
Marysa Dowling, UK
Chloe Rollond, Mount Lawley Senior High School , Australia
INS Rubió i Ors, Spain
I.I.S: M.Guggenheim Nuovo Liceo Artistico di Venezia e Mestre, Italy