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  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 4
    MoA Workshop, Ways of Seeing- A Seoul Framework, MoA
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 2
    Looking Machines - Maquinas para mirar, William C Morris school
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 3
    Mirrorportraits, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 6
    Sirva-se na praia de Ipanema Serve Yourself in Ipanema Beach, Michel Groisman
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 5
    Rolling, Marysa Dowling
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 7
    Space Activity - Livvy Hukins, Worlds Together UK, Tate Modern
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Space 9
    Time and Space. Workshop at Punta della Dogana with Tate’s artist Corinne Felgate. Session 08. MOVING SCALE, Palazzo Grassi
  • TG Online Gallery Time and Place 1
    British Hello, Alton College

Time and Place

Turbinegeneration’s fourth exhibition explored how young, emerging and established students, artists and galleries across the world responded to the theme of Time and Place. The featured works seek to challenge the perceptions we have of our surroundings, explore ways of seeing places anew and manifest preserved time as physical objects.

Works included capture the endlessness of time through continual processes like automated drawing or playfully pouring water, recording a single action through a series of images, or viewing the world through Heath Robinson style viewing machines constructed with cardboard, tape and mirrors to distort and play with our perception of specific places.

Some chose to frame the landscape by playing with light and cut-outs to pinpoint particular features, whilst others drew attention to how people within society can be stereotyped by their sub culture.

This show brought together a selection of works from:

William Morris School. Argentina
Livvy Hukins, Worlds Together UK
Palazzo Grassi, Italy
Michel Groisman, Brazil
MoA, South Korea
Alton College, UK
Marysa Dowling, UK
Monkfield Primary School, UK
Louisiana Museum, Denmark