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Elisabeth Murdoch


I am the Founder and Chairman of Shine Group, one of the UK’s leading independent film and television companies. Prior to starting Shine I was the Managing Director of Sky Networks, the programming and marketing division of BSKYB plc. I moved to the UK from California in 1996, after selling the two television stations that I had owned. Earlier in my career I worked in various television companies both in the United States and Australia.

Why I wanted to become a Tate Trustee

Since moving to the UK, I have always thought of Tate as the iconic brand for art and culture in London – it is such a keen example of why I find the UK so exciting creatively. I couldn’t imagine a more interesting and dynamic arts organisation to be part of. I was very lucky to be awakened to the power and excitement of visual arts at a very early age living in New York City and Tate’s commitment to making art accessible and enriching to all is one of my favourite aspects of the organisation. The other quality I most admire about Tate, and aspire to myself professionally, is the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creative excellence that is apparent in everything it touches.

Appointment information

Appointed by: Prime Minister
Appointment: 18 August 2008
Term expires: 17 August 2012
Re-appointment: 18 August 2012
Term expires: 17 August 2016

Other Membership:

  • Tate Modern Advisory Council (Chair)
  • Governance and People Committee

Declaration of Members’ Interests between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014


Chairman, CEO – The Shine Group

Directorships of companies2

Shine Limited
The Unofficial TV Company Limited
Shine North Limited
Among Giants Limited
Kudos (Ashes) Limited
Kudos (Mi-High) Limited
Kudos (Tsunami) Limited
Kudos Child Of Mine Limited
Kudos Film & Television Limited
Kudos Hustle Limited
Kudos Rights Limited
Shine Pictures (UK) Limited
Spooks Limited
Dragonfly Film And Television Productions Limited
Kudos (EB) Limited
Kudos (Liberty) Limited
Kudos (MW) Limited
Kudos (Burn Up) Limited
Princess Productions Limited
Kudos (Cut) Limited
Kudos (Fixer) Limited
Kudos (LS) Limited
Kudos (SA) Limited
Kudos (Burn Up) MD Limited
Kudos (Plus One) Limited
Kudos (Law) Limited
Kudos (Occupation) Limited
Kudos (WM) Limited
Kudos (L&O) Limited
Kudos Generator Television Limited
Kudos (Spooks) CP Ltd
Shine 971 Limited
Shine 972 Limited
Lovely Day Productions Limited
Kudos (Hour) Limited
Shine TV Limited
Brown Eyed Boy Limited
Kudos (Eternal) Limited
Kudos (Morton) Limited
Kudos (Manhattan) Limited
Kudos (Smoke) Limited
Kudos Brown Eyed Boy (Scotland) Limited
Shine Bossa Studios Limited
Bossa Studios Limited
Shine Commercial Limited
Shine Creative (UK) Limited
Channelflip Media Limited
Shine Jet Limited
Shine Midco Limited
Newincco 1151 Limited
Shine Ginkgo Limited
Big Brother AB (Swe)
Big Brother KB (Swe)
Filmlance International AB (Swe)
Friday TV AB (Swe)
Meter Television AB (Swe)
Metrix Interactive AB (Swe)
Metronome International AB (Swe)
Metronome Productions A/S (Den)
Metronome Spartacus AS (Nor)
Metronome Film & TV Oy (Fin)
Mutter Media AB (Swe)
Renässans i Stockholm AB (Swe)
Rocilla Script AB (Swe)
Rubicon Film AS (Nor)
Rubicon TV AS (Nor)
Shine Nordic Formats AB (Swe)
Shine Norway AS (Nor)
Shine Sweden AB (Swe)
Shulmangruppen AB (Swe)
STO-CPH Produktion AB (Swe)
Studios A/S (Den)
Studios AS (Nor)
Metronome Post AB (fka Studios Mekaniken AB) (Swe)
Tvålkoppen AB (Swe)
Shine Australia Holdings PTY Limited
Shine (Aust) PTY Limited
Shine Iberia SLU
Shine Germany Film und Fernsebproduktion GmbH
Shine France S.A.S
Shine U.S. Holdings Inc

Membership of non-profit making organisations3



News Corporation

Connections between Trustees and others connected with Tate5


Any other interests6

My husband Matthew Freud owns 100% of Freud Communications, a large public relations and marketing firm. On occasion Freud represents various individuals and/or companies that may or may not have dealings or relationships with Tate.

Signed by Elisabeth Murdoch on 22 April 2014

  • 1. Employment, remunerated trade, profession, public office or consultancy
  • 2. Directorships of companies, both public and private, both remunerated and unremunerated
  • 3. Membership of non-profit making organisations, clubs or associations and professional bodies which have significant dealings with Tate or whose activities could relate to Tate’s work
  • 4. Names of companies and organisations in which the member or his/her family or associates has a controlling interest or shares or securities and which could be involved in the supply of goods or have business dealings with Tate
  • 5. This includes commercial interests with other Trustees, Tate’s lawyers (Withers; Linklaters; Farrers; Finers Stephens Innocent) and Tate’s auditors (National Audit Office; RSM Tenon and Grant Thornton).
  • 6. Trustees are advised to declare anything which a member of the public, knowing the facts, might reasonably think is significant and relevant.