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Franck Petitgas


Franck Petitgas is the Global Co-Head of Investment Banking of Morgan Stanley, the investment bank, and based in London. He is a member of the Global Management Committee of Morgan Stanley. He joined Morgan Stanley in 1993 in New York and had started his career in the City in 1986 with S. G. Warburg & Co. Ltd in corporate finance and government advisory.

Franck is an active supporter of the visual arts in the United Kingdom, and a passionate advocate of Latin American contemporary art. He has been involved with Tate for a few years notably on the Latin American Acquisition Committee and through his wife, Catherine, as sponsor of the Level 2 gallery. He has been a Trustee since February 2008, and was recently appointed Chairman of the Tate Foundation. He is also a Council Member of Artangel, and of the Serpentine Gallery; and a Trustee of the Chichester Harbour. Further interests include history, skiing and sailing. He is married with a young son.

Why I wanted to become a Tate Trustee

Information to come

Appointment Information

Appointed by: Prime Minister
Appointment: 18 February 2008
Term expires: 17 February 2012
Re-appointment: 18 February 2012
Term expires: 17 February 2016

Other Membership:

  • Tate Foundation Executive (Chair)
  • Collection Committee
  • Remuneration Committee

Declaration of Members’ Interests between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014


Global Co-Head of Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley

Directorships of companies2

Chichester Harbour Trust
MS Bank A.G.
Morgan Stanley International B G

Membership of non-profit making organisations3

Royal Ocean Racing Club



Connections between Trustees and others connected with Tate5

From time to time, Morgan Stanley will use the services of some of these professional firms.

Any other interests6

Art owner / collector 
Supporter of Tate 
My wife, Catherine Petitgas, is a Trustee of the Whitechapel Gallery.

Morgan Stanley have held several events at Tate Britain and Tate Modern as part of their corporate membership.

Signed by Franck Petitgas on 3 May 2014

  • 1. Employment, remunerated trade, profession, public office or consultancy
  • 2. Directorships of companies, both public and private, both remunerated and unremunerated
  • 3. Membership of non-profit making organisations, clubs or associations and professional bodies which have significant dealings with Tate or whose activities could relate to Tate’s work
  • 4. Names of companies and organisations in which the member or his/her family or associates has a controlling interest or shares or securities and which could be involved in the supply of goods or have business dealings with Tate
  • 5. This includes commercial interests with other Trustees, Tate’s lawyers (Withers; Linklaters; Brachers) and Tate’s auditors (National Audit Office; RSM Bentley and Grant Thornton).
  • 6. Trustees are advised to declare anything which a member of the public, knowing the facts, might reasonably think is significant and relevant.