Mala Gaonkar photo portrait

Mala Gaonkar


Mala Gaonkar is the Managing Director of Lone Pine Capital LLC, a role she has held since 1998. After graduating in economics at Harvard in 1991, she worked for The Boston Consulting Group until 1994, primarily in Munich and Hong Kong. In 1996, Mala completed her MBA at Harvard Business School where she was awarded a Kauffmann Fellowship. From 1996 to 1998, she worked at Chase Capital Partners in New York City where she researched investments in internet and technology companies. Her community activities have focused on the arts, as well as supporting public health and infrastructure projects. Mala is a Founders’ Council member at the Harvard University South Asia Initiative, a trustee of Artangel, a member of the board of The Paris Review Foundation, and an Advisory Board member of the Clinton Climate Initiative. Mala is married with two sons and lives in London.

Appointment information

Appointed by: Prime Minister
Reappointment: 8 March 2014
Term expires: 7 March 2018

Other Membership:

  • Finance and Operations Committee (Chair)
  • Audit Committee (Chair)

Declaration of Members’ Interests between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014


Lone Pine Capital (UK) Limited – Connaught House, 4th Floor, 3–5 Burlington Gardens, London, W15 3EP

Directorships of companies2

Trustee of QE Prize for Engineering chaired by Lord Browne.
Adv Board of the Harvard School for Public Health

Membership of non-profit making organisations3

Artangel (with little overlap with others: Clinton Foundation, Harvard University, The Paris Review)


No controlling interests.
Significant ownership of Lone Pine Capital LLC

Connections between Trustees and others connected with Tate5

MSDW are Lone Pine’s prime broker.
Other than this, no active commercial contact with other Trustees or their affiliated companies.

Any other interests6


Signed and Dated by Mala Gaonkar on 25 April 2014

  • 1. Employment, remunerated trade, profession, public office or consultancy
  • 2. Directorships of companies, both public and private, both remunerated and unremunerated
  • 3. Membership of non-profit making organisations, clubs or associations and professional bodies which have significant dealings with Tate or whose activities could relate to Tate’s work
  • 4. Names of companies and organisations in which the member or his/her family or associates has a controlling interest or shares or securities and which could be involved in the supply of goods or have business dealings with Tate
  • 5. This includes commercial interests with other Trustees, Tate’s lawyers (Withers; Linklaters; Farrers; Finers Stephens Innocent) and Tate’s auditors (National Audit Office, RSM Tenon and Grant Thornton).
  • 6. Trustees are advised to declare anything which a member of the public, knowing the facts, might reasonably think is significant and relevant