Donation box at Tate Modern

Tate is an exempt charity that receives some of its funding from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).


Tate is accountable to the public via Parliament for the services it provides. As such, it is required to demonstrate that it is conducting its operations as economically and effectively as possible.

The framework outlining Tate’s links with the DCMS in ensuring the compliance with a range of statutory requirements is laid out in the following two documents:

Non-government funding

Tate supplements the grant it receives from the DCMS through other sources, including trading, admissions to temporary exhibitions and to Tate St Ives, and sponsorship. Around 60% of our income is raised from non-government sources.

Support us

Tate has ambitious plans for the future, including the Tate Modern Project and the National Art Collections Centre. This means we’re aiming high with our fundraising targets and depend on funding from a wide range of organisations, businesses and generous individuals.