Tate Members Council are board of up to 15 members who act in an advisory capacity to the Tate Board and Executive team on all matters relating to membership and the membership experience.

Role of the Tate Members Council

The Council provides advice on:

  • Membership strategy across Tate;
  • The operation and development of the membership scheme;
  • Matters relating to the membership experience across Tate
  • Decides which artworks will be acquired with members support

Council members act as advocates both within and beyond Tate. Individual members also take a particular interest in specific aspects according to their own personal qualifications and experience.

The role of Tate Members Council is non-executive and voluntary. Staff employed by Tate develop and implement the strategy and manage its day-to-day activities.

Council members are elected for a term of four years, with the maximum period on Council being ten years.


Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives regional committees

  • Encourage, promote and assist the development of the local membership schemes to further Tate’s charitable activities
  • Provide advice on the membership activities of the local membership schemes, which are undertaken by the Executive Team
  • Engage and involve the wider community in the work of the local membership scheme

Personal requirements and skills

Council members must:

  • be a Tate Member (but not a second card holder)
  • understand our behaviour as consumers, our expectations as members of associations and have an empathy with Tate visitors generally
  • be enthusiastic for the Members and act as an ambassador for them
  • have an interest in art and culture
  • have experience in one or more of the following relevant areas:
    Financial background
    Customer Care
    Business/strategic planning
    Digital/new media

Time commitment

Council members are expected to:

  • attend four Council meetings a year: usually a weekday, early evening
  • attend the Annual Members Meeting, held on a Friday evening in winter
  • participate in specific initiatives such as fundraising events
  • intermittently serve on auxiliary committees set up to support the Tate Members Council, such as the Audit Committee and/or the Nominations Review Committee
  • occasionally attend Tate functions, especially where Tate Members sponsor an exhibition or other project.

Current Council members

 As of 3 December 2016 the current Council members are:

  • Jon Snow (Chair) 
  • Suwin Lee (Treasurer)
  • Lorraine Candy
  • Brian Chadwick 
  • Chris Chinaloy
  • David Evans
  • Roger Hiorns 
  • Aynsley Jardin
  • Rachel Lloyd
  • Amanda Pinto
  • Neil Scott (Chair of Tate St. Ives Members Committee) 
  • Nick Smith
  • Steve Wills
  • Alan Yates ( Chair of Tate Liverpool Committee)


Applying for Tate Members Council