Georgina Starr born 1968

Artist biography

English video artist and installation artist. She studied in London at Middlesex Polytechnic and the Slade School of Fine Art, where she graduated in 1992. She conceived her major works as large-scale installations combining video and sculpture to create complex emotional narratives about seemingly meaningless events. In Static Steps (1992; see 1998 exh. cat., p. 31), Starr filmed a small paper cut-out figure reacting physically to random static electricity and then voiced over this recording with a precise description of the movements as if they were rehearsed dance steps. This began her practice of re-describing banal and often random aspects of modern life in such a way that they seemed like major events. Her first major installation was Visit to a Small Planet (exh. Zurich, Ksthalle, 1995; see 1998 exh. cat., pp. 7–15), which consisted of videos, photographs, objects and drawings. Basing the complex narrative loosely on a Jerry Lewis film of the same name, she created a work with a dramatic theatrical nature that was difficult to pin down in its references, yet was evocative of a great many emotional states. Her next major installation, Hypnodreamdruff (exh. London, Tate, 1996; see 1998 exh. cat., pp. 16–25), was a complex narrative of the interior life of one of three fictional flatmates. Involving four videos and the recreation of the spaces shown in them (a caravan, a restaurant, a bedroom and a kitchen), it was a rowdy yet poignant portrait of the alienation and fantasy of everyday life.

Brilliant: New Art from London (exh. cat., Minneapolis, MN, Walker A. Cent., 1995)
Hypermnesiac Fabulations (exh. cat., essay P. Monk, Toronto, The Power Plant, 1997)
Georgina Starr (exh. cat., Birmingham, Ikon Gal., 1998)
Georgina Starr (exh. cat., Frankfurt am Main, Gal. Brigitte Trotha, 1998)

10 Dec 2000

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