Anonymous The Leake Panels Early 16th century

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The Leake Panels
Date Early 16th century
Medium Oil on oak panel
Dimensions Support: 695 x 1155 mm
York Museums Trust
On short term loan
On display at Tate Britain
Room: 1540

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These five devotional panels are surviving examples of religious painting made in Britain before the Reformation. Such works were systematically defaced in phases of iconoclastic attack, as they represented an old style of worship. The scratches across the faces remain clearly visible. The panels are thought to come from the chantry chapel of St Lawrence in Leake, Lincolnshire. The Trinity in the centre shows God the Father with Christ on the Cross. To either side are St Anne teaching the Virgin to read; the Annunciation; St Margaret of Antioch smiting the devil; and St Anthony Abbott with a hog.

October 2013

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