Technique and condition

A painted sketch executed in blue oil paint (possibly Antwerp Blue) onto white wove paper. The paper has a perforated edge along the left side where it has been removed from a spiral bound sketch book.

The paint is very dry and has been applied with very little medium. The artist may have reduced the oil content of the paint further by letting the paint stand on blotting paper before use. The image is painted with a brush directly onto the paper and there is no evidence of any underdrawing. The paper is visible beneath the paint and large areas of the sheet have been left unpainted. A fingerprint is partially visible in some of the paint marks.

The sketch is in good condition with some overall discolouration and handling creases in the paper with a large diagonal fold across the right corner. The corners of the paper are stained by earlier use of pressure sensitive tape. Staining is evident on the surface caused by drops of paint on the reverse and oil marks (probably linseed oil) on the front. The sketch enters the Collection with other drawings made by Bacon illustrating similar subject matter on the same paper, which suggests that it originates from the same sketchbook. The drawing is attached to white board and stored unframed.

Calvin Winner
November 1998