Catalogue entry

Louis Chéron 1660–1725

T00894 Apollo 1720

Not inscribed.
Oil on canvas, 35¿ x 46 (89.75 x 116.75)
Purchased at Christie’s (Florence Fox Bequest) 1966.
Coll. Frank Gair Macomber, Boston, 1937–8; anon, sale, Christie’s, 18th November 1966 (24, as ‘Verrio’), bt. Butlin for the Tate Gallery.

This picture, probably part of a decorative scheme, has been attributed to the circle of Chéron by Edward Croft-Murray and Oliver Millar (verbal communications) and seems to be by the artist himself: cf. the clouds and the modelling of the figures on the ceiling of the Fourth State Room at Boughton, and the putti in the sketch for the Great Hall there, both works of c. 1695 (repr. Edward Croft-Murray, Decorative Painting in England 1537–1837, I, 1962, pls. 121 and 120 respectively.)

The bottom edge of the canvas is irregular: a slight arching to the right of centre suggests that the canvas was originally shaped to fit over a door or window. In addition, drapery has been painted out at the right and probably the left sides of the canvas, which suggests that the picture was originally wider and included other figures, with Apollo pointing to one on the right.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1966–1967, London 1967.