Technique and condition

The sculpture is constructed from wood and nylon net. The letters are painted green and the base is painted blue, both are household paint. The underside of the base is not painted but is coated with a varnish.

The sculpture is structurally in good condition but there are some splits in the wood and damages to the paint layer. The wood which makes up the base is slightly bowed along its length. The splits and paint losses are due to shrinkage of the wood. There is one vertical split in the ‘R’ of ‘Waters’. The joins between the wood have also separated due to the shrinkage but appear to be secure. The most obvious damages are located in the front face of the base. Twenty six screw heads for the interior of the piece protrude above the painted surface. These have damaged the paint and caused some loss of the paint and the filling beneath it. The nylon net is in good condition but it makes the bottom of the piece uneven, causing the work to rock.

Bryony Bery

April 2004