Catalogue entry

John Latham 1921-2006

T01468 P(n)2:3/12 1963

Not inscribed.
Canvas, 80½ x 60 (204.5 x 152.5).
Purchased from the artist through the Lisson Gallery (Knapping Fund) 1971.

In notes on this painting dated 25 February 1972, the artist explained that T01468 was the twelfth in a series of paintings, and that the title meant, in abbreviated form, ‘Painting (not), time-signature 2:3, number 12’. For a further expression of the time-signature idea, he referred the reader to his series of One Second Drawings’, 1970, which were exhibited at the Lisson Gallery, November–December 1970 and described in the catalogue of that exhibition, pp. 6–7.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1970–1972, London 1972.