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Catalogue entry from Turner on the Loire

53 Nantes; the banks of the River Erdre, looking north ?c.1826-8 (fig.40)
Pen and ink, with watercolour and gouache, on blue paper (type E) 130 x 185 (5 1/8 x 7 1/4)
Preliminary sketches: There are no preparatory sketches for this subject
EXH: Oxford Loan Collection, 1878-1916, nos. 200-125, as 'Country town on stream' (Ruskin, Works, XIII, p.565); ?Paris 1981-2 (possibly an ex.cat. item, as then mounted with TB CCLIX 10, which was exhibited)
LIT: Finberg 1909, II, p.791, as 'Country town on stream'; Finberg 1910, repr. opp. p.127, pl.LXXVI; Alfrey 1977, p.73 n.7 , where linked with TB CCLIX 93, but its identity as Nantes was questioned
TB CCLIX 16; D24581

Published in:
Ian Warrell, Turner on the Loire, exhibition catalogue, Tate Gallery, London 1997, p.218 no.53, reproduced in colour p.52