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Catalogue entry from Turner on the Loire

63 On the Loire, looking west towards Nantes c.1826-8 (fig.58)
Watercolour and gouache, with pen, on faded blue paper (type E) 128 x 184 (5 x 7 1/4)
Verso (D40134): Pencil sketch of buildings with towers; a large building with a pediment and a bridge, possibly at Nantes
Preliminary sketches: Based on the sketches on ff.7 and 8 of TB CCXLVIII
EXH: Second Loan Collection (113, a, as one of 'Two Views in France (Colour on Blue)'); Paris 1981-2 (40, p.216, repr. in col. p.246 fig.451, as 'On the Loire near Nantes' )
LIT: Finberg 1909, II, p.803, as 'French river scene'; Hervouet 1989, repr. p.23; L?v?que-Mingam 1996, p.41 fig.22 (detail)
TB CCLIX 235; D24800

Published in:
Ian Warrell, Turner on the Loire, exhibition catalogue, Tate Gallery, London 1997, p.220 no.63, reproduced in colour p.69