Guidelines for Tate Collective Showcase

Bob and Roberta Smith, ‘Make Art Not War’ 1997
Bob and Roberta Smith
Make Art Not War 1997
© Bob and Roberta Smith

Your art is always your art

You retain the rights to everything you upload to Tate Collectives: Showcase.

Upload content that you’ve created

Respect the copyright of others. This means don’t steal other people’s creative work and pass it off as your own. If you want to reference other people’s creative work please make sure you own everything you upload or that you have permission from the copyright owner.

If you think someone has uploaded a work that is not their own, you can flag images and videos. Or you can report concerns to the Tate Collectives team at

Do moderate your content

All content on Tate Collectives: Showcase needs to be appropriately moderated and we have safety and content filters to help with this. We will also post-moderate content on a regular basis but it’s up to you to moderate your own online portfolio and make sure it’s a friendly and safe space to display your work.

No offensive or inappropriate content

Tate Collectives: Showcase is a public space just like the gallery, so everyone can access the space online. That means anyone can find their way to Tate Collectives: Showcase and see the work you’ve uploaded.

Just like in the gallery space, everyone has the right to express their ideas and explore their creative freedom, but as a public space it’s also important to think of who might be using the platform and protect them from anything which could be offensive or unsuitable.

Tate Collectives: Showcase is for your art and ideas. No off-topic material or commercial advertising.

Flagging and reporting

Tate Collectives: Showcase is not a pre-moderated site and this means content will go live as soon as you upload it. It’s a space for art and creative work, please be aware you may not like everything you see on here.

If you see something you are concerned about, you can flag the item or report it to the Tate Collectives team at

All content is post-moderated and Tate will not put up with abusive or offensive content. We have the right to block members or online portfolios without notice and remove inappropriate content.

Online safety

Think about the information you publish online. We advise that you never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example: full name, telephone number, postal address, home address, email address, school, employer or any other details that would allow you to be personally identified) in any Tate community or by members of the public.

Tell other creative people about Tate Collectives: Showcase

Creative communities are all about creative people, so tell your friends and make it a busy, active and inspiring space.

And lastly, please don’t breach the Tate Collectives: Showcase guidelines!

Tate reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to Tate Collectives: Showcase or any aspect of them if you fail to comply with the Community Rules or we have reasonable grounds to believe you are likely to breach them.