The Deluge
Date ?exhibited 1805
MediumOil paint on canvas
Dimensionssupport: 1429 x 2356 mm
Acquisition Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'The Deluge, ?exhibited 1805
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  • Joseph Mallord William Turner The Deluge ?exhibited 1805
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Artwork details
Joseph Mallord William Turner,
'The Deluge', ?exhibited 1805
Henry Fuseli,
'The Shepherd's Dream, from 'Paradise Lost'', 1793
William Blake,
'The House of Death', 1795/c.1805
William Hogarth,
'Satan, Sin and Death (A Scene from Milton's 'Paradise Lost')', c.1735-40
John Martin (formerly attributed to),
'The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium, from 'Paradise Lost', Book 1', ?exhibited 1841
John Martin,
'The Garden of Eden', 1821
Joseph Mallord William Turner (after),
'The Deluge, engraved by J.P. Quilley', 1828
Joseph Mallord William Turner (after),
'The Deluge', 1828
William Hogarth (prints after),
'Satan, Sin and Death, engraved by Thomas Rowlandson and John Ogbourne after T00790', 1792
James Barry,
'Satan, Sin and Death', c.1792-1808
John Robert Cozens,
'Satan Summoning his Legions', c.1776
Joseph Mallord William Turner,
'Mustering of the Warrior Angels', c.1834
Joseph Mallord William Turner,
'The Fall of the Rebel Angels', c.1834
Joseph Mallord William Turner (after),
'The Fall of the Rebel Angels, engraved by Edward Goodall', published 1835
Joseph Mallord William Turner,
'A Figure Study, possibly for The Angel Standing in the Sun', c.1841-5
Joseph Mallord William Turner (after),
'Mustering of the Warrior Angels, engraved by Robert Brandard', 1835
John Robert Cozens,
'A Milton Subject, Unfinished'date not known