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  1. Audio Arts: Review

    A collection of performances, installations, lectures and discussions (on air – on site – on line) recorded in Vienna, December 1997

  2. Audio Arts: Interview

    This Audio Arts issue, Volume 15 No 3 includes contributions from Angela Bulloch, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Gerhard Richter, Tracey Emin, Gregory...

  3. Audio Arts: Interview

    This cassette includes contributions from Simon Patterson, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Miroslaw Balka, Annie Sprinkle and Tony Oursler

  4. Audio Arts: Interview

    This edition of the Audio Arts series features interviews with Joseph Kosuth, Mrinalini Mukherjee, T.S. Enkhjin and Mona Hatoum

  5. Audio Arts: Interview

    This cassette features interviews with Ellsworth Kelly, Christine Borland, Eugenio Dittborn, Thomas Trebstein, Andrew Sabin, published in 1993

  6. Audio Arts: Conversation

    This supplement, recorded in 1992, is a recording of Andres Serrano in discussion with writer and lecturer Simon Watney

  7. Audio Arts: Conversation

    This supplement  Art Projects Beyond the Gallery, includes contributions from Sandy Nairne, James Lingwood, Jan Hoet, Kasper...

  8. Audio Arts: Interview

    This issue includes contributions from Ilya Kabakov, Eric Bulatov, Karsten Schubert, Leslie Waddington, Holly Solomon, Annely Juda and Mark Francis

  9. Audio Arts: Conversation

    This issue is a recording of Roy Lichtenstein and Richard Hamilton in conversation with Marco Livingstone at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford,...

  10. Audio Arts: Interview

    This cassette of recordings from Venice Biennale 1988 includes contributions from Tony Cragg, Roland Brener, Richard Cork and Nicholas Logsdail...

Showing 1-10 of 25 results