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  1. Audio Arts: Interview

    This double CD includes contributions from Daniel Buren, Gustav Metzger, Jeff Wall, Tina Keane, Jake And Dinos Chapman, Venice Biennale 2005 and...

  2. Audio Arts: Interview

    The innovative audio cassette-magazine Audio Arts was established by Bill Furlong in 1973 until 2007. This is Volume 14 No 1 and includes Susan...

  3. Audio Arts: Interview

    This double issue includes contributions from Glenn Branca, Susan Hiller, Sonia Knox, Wendy Chambers, John Cage, Steve Rogers and Roselee Goldberg

  4. Audio Arts: Talks and lectures

    This cassette includes contributions from Conrad Atkinson, Mary Kelly and Susan Hiller

  5. Audio Arts: Soundwork

    A collection of recordings by contributors of Wallpaper magazine, including Bill Shepherd, David Coxhead, Richard Quarrell and Susan Hiller