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  1. Audio Arts: Conversation

    This cassette includes contributions from Helen Chadwick, Maggie Hambling, Ian McKeever discussing Artist  Residencies

  2. Audio Arts: Conversation

    This double issue is based on recordings of discussions with Stuart Brisley made during February and March 1981

  3. Audio Arts: Performance and music

    This supplement, recorded in 1981 is a cassette sampler of music and performance groups who work and live in Australia, compiled by John Nixon.

  4. Audio Arts: Reading

    This supplement is a cassette work by Ian Breakwell, which explores the nature of verbal communication in a provocative and entertaining manner

  5. Audio Arts: Interview

    This interview with Tadeusz Kantor was recorded at Riverside Studios during his highly successful production of Wielopole-Wielopole

  6. Audio Arts: Performance and music

    This supplement of recordings relating to Jean-Paul Curtay outlines his body music concept and includes a performance of Body Music

  7. Audio Arts: Interview

    This supplement is an interview with Laurie Anderson recorded at Riverside Studios in London on 19 October 1981concerning the work United...