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  1. Audio Arts: Interview

    This cassette includes comments and reactions from the 2nd the International Contemporary Art Fair in 1985  with contributions from Marisa...

  2. Audio Arts: Interview

    This cassette includes contributions from Frank Stella, Gerhard Lischka, John Carson, Marinus Boezem, Marina Abramovic/Ulay And Ciaran Benson

  3. Audio Arts: Interview

    This Audio Arts published cassette supplement, recorded in 1985 features Richard Long in conversation with William Furlong

  4. Audio Arts: Conversation

    This supplement contains recordings of two conversations between Terry Atkinson and Jon Bird recorded in 1984

  5. Audio Arts: Performance and music

    This supplement is a recording of nine works performed by Bow Gamelan Ensemble (Ann Bean, Richard Wilson, P.D. Burwell)