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  1. Audio Arts: Interview

    This cassette includes contributions from Cornelia Parker, Gillian Wearing, Georgina Starr, Rodney Graham, Sarah Staton, Alan Johnston and Franko B

  2. Audio Arts: Interview

    This issue includes contributions from Tracey Emin, Billy Name, John McCracken, Lucy Gunning, Fiona Banner, Jeremy Deller and Sarah Lucas

  3. Audio Arts: Interview

    This issue, recorded at Venice Biennale 1997, includes contributions from Rachel Whiteread, Peter Weibel, Heidi Grundmann and Vanessa Beecroft

  4. Audio Arts: Interview

    This issue of recordings from documenta X and Sculpture Projects in Münster 1997 includes contributions from Marina Abramović and Dan Graham

  5. Audio Arts: Talks and lectures

    This seven cassette supplement includes talks by Martha Fleming, William Furlong, Richard Gregory, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger and Johan Pijnappel