This supplement is a cassette work by Ian Breakwell, which explores the nature of verbal communication in a provocative and entertaining manner

Audio Arts: Ian Breakwell: Dialogues, Side A – Ian Breakwell

Audio Arts: Ian Breakwell: Dialogues, Side B – Ian Breakwell

Inlay for Audio Arts supplement Ian Breakwell: Dialogues showing a photo, notes on the recording and track info
Inlay for Audio Arts Supplement Ian Breakwell: Dialogues published in 1981
Archive reference: TGA200414/7/3 Audio Arts an Breakwell: Dialogues supplement

Each of the scripts performed by the author and other readers is based on a particular dialogue form: question and answer, social repartee, theatrical dialogue, letter correspondence etc.

Side A

  • 00:00:00: Work
  • 00:02:15: Dear Son
  • 00:19:26: Six To Eight

Side B

  • 00:00:00: Memory Lane
  • 00:02:43: In The Home
  • 00:09:46: The Walking Man