This double issue of Audio Arts was recorded at documenta IX, in Kassel, Germany, in June 1992. The tapes comprise interviews, reportage, ambience and sounds from various installations including Bruce Nauman's Anthro / Socio and Stan Douglas's video projections of four black American jazz musicians in a free improvisation session. Contents include: Jonathan Borofsky, Richard Deacon, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Mario Merz, Stuart Morgan, Lars Nittve, Karsten Schubert and Rachel Whiteread

Audio Arts: Volume 12 No 2-3, Side A – Bruce Nauman, Stuart Morgan, Michel Giraud, Johnathan Borofsky, Cildo Meireles, Mario Merz, Lars Nittve

Audio Arts: Volume 12 No 2–3, Side B – Rose Finn-Kelcey, Stan Douglas, Brian Mulvahill and Karsten Schubert

Audio Arts: Volume 12 No 2-3, Side C – Richard Deacon

Audio Arts: Volume 12 No 2 & 3, Side D – Rachel Whiteread, Max Neuhaus, Guillaume Bijl and Jan Hoet

Audio Arts Volume 12 No 2-3, Inlay 1
Inlay for Audio Arts Volume 12 No 1, Inlay 1 published 1992
Archive reference: TGA200414/7/3 Volume 12 No 2-3

Side A

  • 00:00:01: Bruce Nauman’s Anthro / Socio
  • 00:01:31: An interview with Stuart Morgan
  • 00:10:36: An interview with Michael Giraud
  • 00:13:12: An interview with Jonathan Borofsky
  • 00:16:27: An installation by Cildo Meireles
  • 00:16:57: An interview with Mario Merz
  • 00:21:15: An interview with Lars Nittve

Side B

  • 00:00:01: An interview with Rose Finn-Kelcey
  • 00:09:54: An installation by Stan Douglas
  • 00:12:15: An interview with Brian Mulvahill
  • 00:16:58: An interview with Karsten Schubert

Side C

Side D

  • 00:00:01: An interview with Rachel Whiteread
  • 00:16:48: An installation by Max Neuhaus
  • 00:17:45: Vox pop interviews with Guillaume Bijl
  • 00:21:20: An interview with Jan Hoet