This cassette features interviews with Richard Serra, Mike Kelley and Anya Gallaccio, published in 1993

Audio Arts: Volume 12 No 4, Side A – Richard Serra

Audio Arts: Volume 12 No 4, Side B – Mike Kelley, Anya Gallaccio

Audio Arts Volume 12 No 4, Inlay 1
Inlay for Audio Arts Volume 12 No 4, Inlay 1 published 1993
Archive reference: TGA200414/7/3

Side A

Richard Serra

The extent to which Richard Serra’s works establish such an exacting tension within the space where they are installed is surprising given the economy of his materials and the reductive nature of the formal elements he employs. Serra’s drawings installed in the Serpentine Gallery in 1993 comprised rectangles of canvas covered with several layers of paint stick: a waxy oil based crayon. In this interview Serra discusses this installation of drawings as well as the issues and attitudes which inform his publicly sited works.

Side B

Mike Kelley

The word failure appears constantly in writings on Mike Kelley’s work: he talks about the centrality of this notion to his art. Kelley discusses his use of soft toys – things whose ‘object nature is repressed’ by the sentiment invested in them – In Craft Morphology and the Arena series.The ICA Exhibition, during the installation of which the recording was made, contained works across the wide range of media employed by Kelley. The interview explores how general themes – social conventions, relations of power, issues of gender – inform this variety of approaches.

Anya Gallaccio

When it was shown at the ICA, Anya Gallaccio’s Red on Green was the latest in a series of installations she had made using cut flowers. She here describes its genesis and explains the importance for her of working with materials whose behaviour is unpredictable.