This cassette contains interviews recorded at the 1999 Venice Biennale

Audio Arts: Volume 18 No 3 & 4, Side A – Gary Hume, Ann Hamilton, Susan Ferleger Brades, Pascale Jeannée, Chen Zhen, Shirin Neshat

Audio Arts: Volume 18 No 3 & 4, Side B – Edi Muka, Alban Hajdinaj, Lala Meredith-Vula, Meir Ahronson, Simcha Shirman, Philip Rantzer, John Peter Nilsson, Annika Von Hausswolff, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Katy Deepwell

Audio Arts: Volume 18 No 3 & 4, Side C – Anne Tallentire, HelenDamakova, Inta Ruka, Anita Zabilevska, Ojars Petersons, Howard Arkley, Jun'ichi Shioda, Roderick Buchanan, Joseph Backstein, Olesja Turkina

Audio Arts: Volume 18 No 3 & 4, Side D – Waldemar Januszczak, Jan Hoet, Paolo De Grandis, Roman signer, Attila Csorgo, Katarzyna Kozyra

Audio Arts Volume 18 No 3 & 4 inlay 1
Inlay for Audio Arts Volume 18 No 3 & 4 published in 2000
Archive reference: TGA200414/7/3 Volume 18 No 3 & 4

Venice Biennale 1999

(Double Issue)

This is the seventh Venice Biennale that Audio Arts has attended in order to make ‘on the spot’ recordings during the opening days. Throughout this period there is a concentration of artists, curators, critics and commentators from all over the world. In addition to the unrehearsed, live interviews made during the first three days of the Biennale, Audio Arts in association with Wimbledon School of Art and supported by The British Council also held an international conference in the British Pavilion. Under the Directorship of Harald Szeemann, the 1999 Biennale saw an extension of its locations beyond the Castello Gardens into the historic spaces of the Artiglierie, the Tese and the covered shipyard area of the Gaggiandre. This combination of spaces, including the large docks of the Arsenale and the Corderi, were extended by more than thirty venues to house exhibitions of countries that do not have their own national pavilions. This Biennale was also characterised by the increased representation of Asian artists and Szeemann’s desire for it to be seen as a whole, ‘Aperto overALL’, rather than the previous tradition of separating the young and up-and-coming artists in the Aperto section from the older and more established artists in the National Pavilions. The recorded conversations both on this issue and on the conference tape*, in addition to examining artists’ practice, it interrogated and supported the concept of the Biennale as a model, whilst accepting a growing positive tension between the ‘blockbuster’ National Pavilion displays and the often quieter ‘off-centre’ interventions. Interviews by Michael Archer, William Furlong, Zöe lrvine & Jean Wainwright.

*available separately as a supplement

Side A

  • 00:00:01: Gary Hume interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:26:39: Ann Hamilton interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:32:37: Susan Ferleger Brades (Director Hayward Gallery) interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:34:57: Pascale Jeannée (WochenKlausur) interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:41:54: Chen Zhen interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:45:18: Shirin Neshat interviewed by William Furlong

Side B

  • 00:00:00: Edi Muka (curator) interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:02:29: Alban Hajdinaj interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:03:22: Lala Meredith-Vula interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:06:03: Meir Ahronson (commissioner) interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:08:07: Simcha Shirman interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:17:53: Philip Rantzer interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:21:05: John Peter Nilsson (commissioner) interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:26:01: Annika Von Hausswolff interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:29:56: Eija-Liisa Ahtila interviewed by Michael Archer
  • 00:17:53: Katy Deepwell (editor n.paradoxa magazine) interviewed by William Furlong

Side C

  • 00:00:01: Anne Tallentire interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:10:48: Helen Damakova (commissioner) interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:15:38: Inta Ruka interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:19:21: Anita Zabilevska interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:25:11: Ojars Petersons interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:28:42: Howard Arkley interviewed by Zoe Irving
  • 00:33:59: Jun’ichi Shioda (commissioner) interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:38:51: Roderick Buchanan interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:43:50: Joseph Backstein (commissioner) interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:46:35: Olesja Turkina interviewed by William Furlong

Side D

  • 00:00:01: Waldemar Januszczak (art critic, The Sunday Times) interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:10:22: Jan Hoet (curator and German critic) interviewed by William Furlong
  • 00:21:14: Paolo De Grandis (assistant commissioner) interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:24:14: Roman Signer interviewed by Zoe Irving
  • 00:32:09: Esther Ferrer interviewed by Jean Wainwright
  • 00:36:21: Attila Csorgo interviewed by Zoe Irving
  • 00:43:15: Katarzyna Kozyra interviewed by Zoe Irving