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    The Pocket Art Gallery app enables you to virtually curate your own gallery, positioning famous artworks from galleries across the country in your...

  2. Apps

    Produced to celebrate 13 years of The Unilever Series at Tate Modern, one of the most innovative and significant contemporary art series of recent...

  3. Apps

    This multimedia app, availble from the iTunes App Store, has been produced to accompany the 2012 Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate Modern. Designed...

  4. Apps

    With newly added artworks from Tate's collection, Magic Tate Ball is now available on Android

  5. Apps

    Art app from Tate, the world’s most popular Modern art gallery

  6. Apps

    From realist paintings based on photographs to colourful gestural abstractions, and from grey monochromes to subtle landscapes, Richter’s wide...

  7. Apps

    Listen to Tate curators sharing their expert views on Gauguin's work, hear from the artist in his own words, watch film clips, and find out more...

  8. Apps

    How It Is: now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

  9. Apps

    The Muybridgizer is an iOS app available for download in the iTunes App Store. The Muybridgizer allows you to record an image sequence with your...

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    Can you race your courageous chameleon through time to defeat the diabolical Dr. Greyscale before he sucks all the colour from the world?

Showing 1-10 of 13 results