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Article How the Bauhaus influenced photography

The Modern Lens at Tate St Ives explores developments in international photography from the 1920s to the 1960s. Discover how the Bauhaus school influenced photographers such as Horacio Coppola

Article The 2015 Turbine Hall commission artist is announced

Abraham Cruzvillegas will be the first artist to undertake the Hyundai Commission for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. Here’s a few things to get to know him by

Article Do you know your Polke from your Polka?

As our Sigmar Polke retrospective at Tate Modern enters its final weeks, match the dots to their artists in our quiz!

Article IK Prize 2015: Shortlisted projects announced

The four shortlisted entries for the annual IK Prize have been announced. Explore the proposals that use the power of digital to enhance the way people experience art

Article 20 Minute Tour: New year, new you at Tate Britain

Discover ways to a new you with a little inspiration from art in the collection on display at Tate Britain

Article Conflict, Time, Photography: Curator Q&A

Tate Modern’s new show looks at conflict through photographs taken seconds, days, weeks and years after the event. We asked curator Simon Baker to explain

Article Like what you see? A brief history of the art of appropriation

Art’s incorporation into advertising is an age old trick, but what happens when artists appropriate each other? Writer Sebastian Roach uncovers how no artist is an island

Article Dora Carrington, 'Farm at Watendlath' 1921 Take a walk through British art

Haven’t got much time? Take our 20 minute tour of women artists in the collection on display at Tate Britain

Article Richard Tuttle's 'I Don’t Know . The Weave of Textile Language' at Tate Modern

The UK’s largest survey of sculptor Richard Tuttle is on display in London. Co-curator Achim Borchardt-Hume gives insight into working with the artist in days leading to the unveiling of his biggest sculptural work to date

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