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    Jill Bennett

    The all-consuming world of social media has pushed many of us to new levels of anxiety. Add to that the culture of fear perpetuated since the so...

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    Alex Taylor


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    Alex Taylor


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    Alex Taylor


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    We are grateful to Dr Alex Taylor for his development of this project, and to Mollie Berger for her valuable contribution to the research. Alex...

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    John Chu’s In Focus project offers a multi-disciplinary discussion of Thomas Gainsborough’s early triple portrait Peter Darnell Muilman, Charles...

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    Katherine Markoski

    This In Focus asks whether Dancers on a Plane – a key painting from Johns’s ‘crosshatch’ period – can be seen as a work about the shifts...

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    Jasper Johns’s Dancers on a Plane 1980–1 (Tate T03242; fig.1) is a large oil painting incorporating stencilled text surrounded by an artist-made...

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    Katherine Markoski

    Merce is my favorite artist in any field. Sometimes I’m pleased by the complexity of a work I paint. By the fourth day I realize it’s simple....

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    Seth McCormick

    Prior to serving any other purpose, the frame placed around a picture provides a context, a signifying framework, which designates it as a work of...

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    Seth McCormick

    In 1984, when the second, 1980–1 Dancers on a Plane (Tate T03242; fig.1) was exhibited at Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City, the work’s...

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      Artworks on view at this year’s TEFAF art fair in Maastricht showed how great artists from across the centuries have excelled at depicting...

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    Ayla Lepine

    Winifred Knights’s work as a Rome Scholar at the British School at Rome (BSR) built on the foundation of success and artistic experimentation that...

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    Ayla Lepine

    In Winifred Knights’s painting The Deluge 1920 (Tate T05532; fig.1) figures are caught amid rising waters, arrested by Knights’s paintbrushes in...

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    Ayla Lepine

    Although she was not an official, government-sponsored war artist and did not contribute to the official war effort on the home front, Winifred...

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    Maggi Dawn

    The French revolutionary leader Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that in order to understand a person, it is important to know what was happening in...

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    Ayla Lepine

    The British artist Winifred Knights painted The Deluge in 1920 (Tate T05532; fig.1). She produced the artwork as a competition entry for the...

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    We are grateful to Dr Ayla Lepine for her development of this project, and to the Rev Dr Maggi Dawn for her valuable contribution to the research....

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    Ayla Lepine

    Fresh research into Knights’s dramatic depiction of the biblical flood charts its relationship to religion, conflict, dance and gender, and...

Showing 1-20 of 1056 results